Best Luxury Hotels in Budapest

Budapest in Hungary makes a great weekend city break destination with a host of attractions, grand luxury hotels and reasonably priced food and drink. This capital city was founded in 1873 when the hilly city of Buda on the west side of the mighty River Danube amalgamated with Pest, on the flatter east bank.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, this world class city now attracts 20 million visitors a year. The best months to visit are between the end of April and October when the temperatures are pleasant. The magnificent architecture and sights of Budapest are spread over both sides of the river. Here are some guidelines on what sights can be found in Buda, what to do in Pest and which luxury hotels in Budapest are best located for each.

The West Bank of Buda
The highlights for those staying in Buda are the extensive Royal Palace complex which includes the National Library and the restored Matthias Church with its rose window and royal tombs. The complex includes the old Town Hall and a delightful clock tower with an onion dome.

Some of the best luxury hotels in Budapest can be found in this historic district. The Hilton Budapest occupies a grand building with the very best views across the historic district of Buda. The building has incorporated some 13th century cloisters from a former Dominican monastery as a reminder of the age of this historic castle district.

Those considering more contemporary luxury hotels in Budapest without losing the five star standards of service should consider the Art ‘Otel. This themed hotel sits at the foot of Castle Hill, surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in Budapest. It is designed around the work of Donald Sultan. His prints and paintings line the walls and his motifs subtley personalise the china, furnishings and even the carpets. Part of the Park Plaza Hotel Group it is an interesting concept in giving modern luxury hotels in Budapest a unique identity.

The East Bank of Pest
Pest has its own showcase of historic architecture and attractions, especially along the UNESCO World Heritage listed Andrassy Ut Boulevard. The State Opera House is quite breathtaking. The neo-Gothic Parliament building on the banks of the Danube is one of the most stunning and impressive buildings in the city. Guided tours are free to EU residents, so ignore those who tell you different. St Stephen’s Basilica can be seen from all over the city with its high dome which is decorated with colourful mosaics. The city also has many thermal springs and a visit to one of the outdoor spas is a must.

Those looking for luxury hotels on Budapest’s east bank should consider the Hotel Kempinski Corvinus in a relatively contemporary building with all the usual five star amenities, or the Hotel Andrassy which occupies a more historic building, but is slightly further from the city centre. Both offer superb services and are among the best luxury hotels in Budapest.

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