Better Sex Life With A Partner – 12 Tips To Make It Much Better

Sex life usually related to sex between a man and a woman, but the following tips are also true if you are two men, two women or any other combination. The main thing to remember is that sex life related to human relationships, and as such, it is complicated issue. The basics of any relationship issues know your partner; communicate with each other and very important, give, give and give again.

1) Know Yourself


  • What do you like regarding sex?
  • What are your most sensitive zones in your body?
  • What turns you on?
  • Do you like watching yourself touching and pleasuring yourself?
  • Do you like watching your partner pleasuring her/him self?
  • Where do you like touching yourself?
  • Where do you like your partner to touch you? afrodisiacos femininos fortes 
  • Do you have zones which are too sensitive in your body? Where every touch should be very gently?
  • Do you like pain? (It’s ok)
  • Do you like surprises?


You see, you must know yourself in order to have great sex life, and it is always a good time to start and learn and explore your own body. In order to answer all these questions (and many more) I can suggest you do the following:


  1. Take a few hours for yourself, find a quiet and intimate place (preferably at home alone).
  2. Take a blank paper; write down the aforementioned questions and more.
  3. Take off your clothes and start explore. It is better if you have a big mirror where you can see yourself.
  4. Don’t be shy; it is just you, your body and your soul. Ask yourself any question comes in your mind, and explore for the answer. Pleasure is completely legitimate, nude is beautiful. This is how we created.