Birth Control After Pregnancy – Some Safe Methods

There is a general misconception among people that you do not need birth control after pregnancy as long as you are feeding your baby. But you must be aware that a woman becomes fertile biologically as soon as after two weeks after pregnancy period. So, if you decide to engage in sex after pregnancy, even if you are breast feeding, it’s better to take some major steps for birth control after pregnancy.

This concept of birth control while breastfeeding is confusing in itself. Generally speaking, if you are feeding the baby only your milk, at least once in 4 hours from both the breasts during the day and at least in six hours at night, then you may say you won’t be fertile. This method of birth control after pregnancy is known as Lactation Amenorrhea method (LAM). This method is effective only if your menstrual cycle after pregnancy has not started as yet.

Barrier Method Of Birth Control After Pregnancy:

Barrier methods of birth control after pregnancy are quite cytotec santa cruz safe and won’t harm your infant baby in any way. These methods include use of condoms, female condoms, cervical caps, spermicides, gels, sponges, etc. You will have to wait for six to eight weeks after delivery to start using these methods. If you are using a spermicide or a gel, make sure your vagina has healed properly.

Hormonal Methods:

Hormonal methods mean taking pills containing certain hormones that will prevent pregnancy. During breastfeeding period, you cannot take any pills that contain estrogen hormone, as this will show up in your breast milk and may affect your baby. You can take the progestin only pills and you may use hormonal intra-uterine-device (IUD). As doctors vary their opinion about their presence in the breast milk, this method of birth control after pregnancy is best be used under a doctor’s supervision.

Other Methods Of Birth Control:

You can use a copper IUD; this will not have any effect on your baby. You will have to get it inserted by your doctor. When you decide to conceive or take on some other birth control measure, then this has to be removed by some doctor only.

There is a fertility awareness method also. In this, you have to abstain from having sex during your fertile period. But this exact safe period can be determined only after your periods have started and certain tests are conducted for that.

There are emergency pills also available. In case of unprotected sex, you can take the emergency or morning after pill and avoid unwanted pregnancy. If taken within 72 hours of sex, this pill is effective in preventing pregnancy. You can get more information on this by related books, advertisements in magazines and on the internet.

You may feel and look good after pregnancy, but you are not prepared mentally or physically to handle another pregnancy. Take control of your life, it will be beneficial for you, your partner and your new born baby. To avoid an unplanned pregnancy, adopt any of the above birth control after pregnancy …they will help!