Campus Management Software – Need of Modern Education System

The technological advancement in the past century has been beyond our imagination. Ask your grandfather or even your father about the modern gadgets, their only response to our modern gadgets is a surprised look. This reminds me of a famous quote by Arthur Clarke “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s so true, technological advancement is nothing but something near to magic for the older generation. Technological advancement has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It has made its way to every walk of life, even in the educational institutes. Campus Management Software is a very well known ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), used in majority of educational institutes in foreign countries. The use such ERP has made the management of important data and records smooth in the educational institutes.

In an educational institute a series of activities like admissions, library management, finance, placements, etc, are to be performed efficiently for its smooth administration. Campus management software is an integrated management system, where the data and information is consolidated, which make the maintenance of important records easy. Through this system all the educational departments get well connected with each other, thus making the administration smooth. integrated library system Education is streamlined by the Campus Management Software, as all the educational activities are documented, which can be retrieved whenever needed.

Campus management software stores all the personal information of the students like the birth date, attendances, monthly progress report, etc. This makes the life of the teachers easy; who otherwise have to spend hours and hours in updating these information. It is boon for the teachers as well as the students, as with this software doing all the tedious jobs, teachers can dedicate more time to their actual job. The teachers can spend more time interacting with the students, thus it makes learning a fun experience. The teachers get more time to explore the hidden talent of the students, thus leading to an overall development of the student.

The concept of virtual library might become a reality some day, with Campus Management Software; the software automatically keeps an updated record of the books and its availability. The students or the teachers can check the availability of books on the school site. In case of unavailability of any book, students or teachers can make an advance booking for the book, in this way everyone can get a chance to read the book, which otherwise may become difficult. The software gives a detailed list of the books, from which the students can select the books and not waste time searching the book in the shelf, with thousands of book.

Campus management software is not only for small clerical task, it is beyond that as it offers a three way interactive platform for teachers, students as well as parents. It is very similar to the social networking sites where, anyone whether it is the teacher, students or alumnus can interact with each other. An advantage of this kind of an interactive platform is that the students can be in touch with their old friends and with their teachers, thus making the relations last forever. Moreover, parents can interact with the teachers to know the progress of their child.

Imagine the time which administrative staff in the schools or colleges have spent taking the fees, issuing different certificates, etc. With the Campus management software it saves a lot of time of the administrative staff, as a student can pay his fees online, moreover the students get the message, if any of his fees is due. The students can apply directly online for issue of any certificate and get the same online.