Designing & Planning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is now seen as an integral part of any home, similar to the kitchen in that it should speak volumes about the house by providing comfort along with style and practicality. When deciding to update your bathroom furniture, the choices are endless from adding a few bathroom accessories, changing the taps, switching the bath and pottery for newer versions or in fully redesigning the layout by adding furniture, changing the style of bath, washbasin etc.

The options for this room are now endless with a market worth well over £600 million per annum and therefore any decision requires careful planning and precision, to ensure that everything matches and more importantly, fits.

There are numerous high street bathroom retailers, the majority of which moving towards computer aided design (CAD) that allow for a full 3D design perspective of your bathroom and allow you to play with different ideas to see what the best option would be, without the need for a tape measure and pieces of newspaper. When you are happy with the layout and design of your bathroom the next stage is to find the right products making sure that the sizes used in the CAD design are adhered to Küchenarmatur .

The cheapest option in any new bathroom is to maintain the current layout so that plumbing points do not need to be moved around the room, which can be costly, and so that the new products can be fitted with relative ease, leaving you with less time without your bathroom and more money in your back pocket.

Baths, washbasins and toilets come in array of designs and therefore can be quite time consuming finding a style that suits. The large industry manufacturers like Ideal Standard hold a portfolio that would take you days to look through and if you are looking to integrate furniture into your bathroom you have another set of decisions to contend with in terms of style, placement and product integration.

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