Forest City Faster Economic Development That Attract Industries

Renowned global enterprises were invited to plan for the sustainable development of the 8 forest city industries, to attract the world‘s leading corporations and international capital investment.


A model of harmonious coexistence of man with nature.


A community base in Southeast Asia for Asia Pacific economic and trade cooperation.


A hub that strengthens Malaysia and Singapore economic integration.

Healthcare & Medicine

Forest city’s natural and healthy environment, combined with MJ Group as the core healthcare facility, future plans include nursing apartments, health conditioning center, nutrition and diet therapy health industry.


Tourism & Leisure

Supporting amenities include first class hotels, duty free shopping, entertainment, and leisure attractions, which meet residents’ demand for longer stays and continuously attract popularity.


Education & Training

Shattuck St.Marys has a core education facility, and integrates education resources from the surrounding Educity, to provide a full range international education system from kindergarten to high school.