Forget the Mess and Choose Sun Safe Candy

Summer is a time for children to celebrate school-free days frolicking at the beach and pool and just enjoying the freedom that comes with being a kid. Candy goes hand-in-hand with summer fun, and everyone has memories of hopping on their bike and heading down to the local stationary store with some pocket change for some sweet treats to share with friends. ministryofhemp While young chocoholics were left with evidence of their indulgences on smeared faces and grubby hands, kids who chose sun-safe, non-melting candy could escape the questioning looks of parents wondering why dinner was left untouched yet again.

Kids and parents who want to avoid the mess of candy that melts in the heat have some great new and classic options available that are sure to bring smiles to faces both young and old. Choices range from hard candy to chewy confections to gum.

On the hard candy front, rock candy is a nostalgic choice that is perfect for warm weather. This candy is made by the same process of crystallization that produces quartz and diamonds in nature. It is available in blue raspberry, grape and strawberry flavors and comes in a choice of a mini bin or paint can packaging.

Another classic hard candy option is Jolly Rancher minis. Super sweet and long lasting, Jolly Ranchers come in grape, apple, watermelon, cherry and blue raspberry flavors. Packaging choices also include a paint can or mini bin container.

Also on the melt-resistant classic hard candy front are candy buttons. Parents will remember these sweet little dots packaged on strips of paper from their own childhood, bringing back their own memories of summertime fun. Today, Mega Candy Buttons are available in regular assorted fruit flavors and Mega Sour ones to appeal to kids of varying tastes.

If hard candy doesn’t have the fun vibe that kids seek, some other sun-safe options exist in gummy and chewy candies. Fans of classic candy will love treats like licorice and jelly beans. Licorice options include a Red Mix of cherry and strawberry flavored Australian licorice wheels or a Black Licorice mix of wheels. Red and black licorice is also available as bite size sticks. For a whimsical twist, Red Licorice Scotties will put some bite back into the dog days of summer with their pooch-friendly take on chewy candy. Packaging options for all licorice is either a small lunch box or paint can.

Another chewy candy that has stood the test of time is the jellybean. This classic candy is more than just an Easter-time staple. It is the perfect warm weather candy. It doesn’t melt or make a mess, and the fruity flavors are refreshing on even the warmest days. The only drawback to jellybeans is that most people pick out the cherry ones from the mix, leaving behind secondary flavors that just can’t match cherry’s appeal. The solution? Just choose an all-cherry jellybean option. Available in mini bin, paint container or lunch box packaging, Very Cherry Jellybeans keep kids happy while saving them from sticky hands, messy clothes and mouths.

More kid-friendly options on the sun-safe chewy candy front include traditional and sour gummy mixes. On the traditional side, folks who grew up enjoying Swedish Fish will love sharing the Sea Life Mix with their own kids. Featuring an assortment of gummy treats like Swedish Fish, Gummy Alligators and Mini Frogs in a rainbow of fruity flavors, this assortment is sure to make a splash.

Kids who want their gummy candies with a kick will love the Sour Mix collection of candies. This assortment of sour gummy belts, worms and cola bottles is designed to trigger mouths to water with its heavy coating of tart sugary grains. Available in a paint can package, this collection is sure to provide sour candy junkies with the tangy thrill they crave.

For those who desire something sweet but don’t necessarily want hard or chewy candy, gum is the perfect heat-proof solution. Nothing brings back youthful memories than the fresh, sweet flavor of bubble gum on a warm day. For a new twist on an old favorite, Dubble Bubble Gumballs in Very Cherry pair the classic taste of Dubble Bubble gum with cherry candy on the outside for some extra zip. Dubble Bubble Gum Balls in Very Cherry come in either mini bin or paint can packaging.

Every sweet tooth knows that some candy just can’t handle the heat and sun without being reduced to a messy pile of goo. Thankfully, sugar lovers both young and old have a ton of options for treats that will hold up on even the hottest summer day. From hard candy like Jolly Ranchers, to jelly beans and gummy candies, there’s an option for even the most discerning sweet tooth. So sit back and relax with a Swedish Fish or two and follow it with a gumball chaser for dessert. It’s summer, and everyone needs a sun-proof candy to forget the mess and make them feel like a kid again.