How to Win a T Shirt Design Contest and Make Money

Illustrators or designers out there you might be wondering if there is some sort of formula to creating a great T Shirt design. It’s about using the right style with the right design and appealing to the general populace. It’s easy to design something that doesn’t consider other biases and tastes apart from our own, so sometimes it’s about creating the right style for the right population. bulk buy mens t shirts When it comes to winning a design contest there are multiple factors to consider.

Winning a T Shirt design contest is no easy task; it’s just like any competition out there for any sport like soccer, dirt biking or even hot dog eating. The competitors that are able to win these competitions all have common traits amongst them, they all eat sleep and live a certain passion. All these champions have put in hours of practice, constantly pushing themselves to see how far they can take it and how much they can improve.

This is the same for designing T Shirts, it takes countless hours of practice to come up with a style. It’s about creating a design which certain elements in it, such as the lines, shapes and textures, to develop a design that has a purpose and appeal to consumers taste. If the design is a concept, then make sure that concept is carried out through the whole design and doesn’t have something that doesn’t fit. The placement of the design should flow with the T Shirt, there are options like all over, print, centered, sleeve, or enlarged. Also, there is no need to use a million colors to create a great design; sometimes one color is sufficient for the design. The perfect colors will really make your T Shirt design stand out. Pay attention to the contest guidelines, the easy way to eliminate designs are ones that don’t follow the rules. Finally, the craft and presentation will entice fans to vote for the design and want to wear the T-shirt.

Most T Shirt design contest sites have a voting process after submitting the designs.

There are many social media options to show friends and gather votes for the design. Try posting your design to Facebook, Twitter, blogs for other artist websites. The judges will take a greater notice to those shirts with more votes. The first submission to a T-shirt design contest most likely won’t win, but by gaining feedback, learning the guidelines and refining a style can help land new opportunities. It really all depends on how the design appeals to audience, the judges and fans the want to wear the design. In general a winning T-shirt design is one that shows the artist has mastered a craft, style and presentation.

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