Insurance Agency eMarketing, Web Marketing And The Split Test

Insurance agency eMarketing and web marketing can be greatly enhanced and refined through the use of split test sends. Split tests offer insurance agency eMarketers greater control and flexibility when sending out targeted emails to both prospects and clients.L'Agence web 360, pour tous vos besoins en création de sites, en SEO ou en  Community Management - Libertec

Let’s say your insurance agency is offering a seminar on advanced workers’ compensation analysis. Your goal is to maximize attendance and you intend to do this by sending out an email announcement agence web Lyon. You’ve considered two subject lines for your email. The first one is: Workers’ Compensation Webinar – Utilization Of Experience Modification Factors and The Impact On Premiums. The second subject line your agency considered is: Web Seminar Tomorrow – Workers’ Compensation and Advanced Calculations of X-Mods. A split test send would allow you to send both of these emails to small respective test groups and measure which email resulted in higher registration.

Think of an eMarketing split test in the same way as a wine tasting. A waiter pours a small amount of two wines into two glasses. You taste the first wine, and it tastes pretty good. You then try the second glass and find this wine tastes much better. The waiter then pours you a full glass of the 2nd wine, after you compared and contrasted both wines. A split test works in exactly the same way. Your insurance agency can sends out both versions of the emails to 20% of your target prospects. After the results are posted, your agency marketer measures the number of emails opened, total click through counts and total registration. If version one of your email resulted in greater registration, you can then send that email to the balance of your target prospects, or in this case, the remaining 80%.

Split test eMarketing offers improved performance for the same costs. It also offers greater insight into email marketing composition, subject line creation, open rates and delivery rates. The bottom line, however, is simply that there is no reason that you should not try this methodology for your eMarketing campaigns. For the same amount of money, and a modest amount of work, insurance agencies can quickly and easily improve their web marketing results.

Insurance agency eMarketing is both an art and a science. Every insurance agent and agency should carefully comply with the CAN SPAM Act regulations. The CAN SPAM Act regulations can be found on the FCC website under the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau tab. Agencies should utilize multipart mime email formatting, and ensure their emails are composed to mitigate automatic spam filters from adversely impacting delivery rates. Split test eMarketing can help any insurance agency improve their web marketing with more effective and quantitatively accurate eMarketing.