Mississauga: A Jewel Made in Canada

Ontario’s slogan is “Yours to Discover”. That’s an appropriate invite considering that it’s Canada’s sixth largest city, and is pumping with activity with much to behold. We don’t know if cities have slogans too, but if we were asked what motto would best describe Mississauga, our humble opinion would be, “want not.”

The visitor to Mississauga needs spend at least a week to take it all in and hence appreciate why this is a favorite destination of many. Indeed, Mississauga is rich – not just in tangible assets – but also in history.

The British bought Mississauga in 1805 and incorporated it as a city in 1974. Even if the city’s history dates that far back, it has had only three mayors. We’ll take that as a sign of political stability. And when a city’s stable, good things flow from it. The current mayor, Hazel McCallion, has been the city’s driving force since 1978 and is now on her tenth term. Rumors have it she does not have to campaign to stay as mayor.

Talk about irony, Mississauga’s history is centered in Credit River- adjacent to Port Credit – but did you know that it needs no credit report, because it’s been debt-free since 1978? How’s that for economic stability to complement its political profile?

A family who’s re-settling in Mississauga or an individual  Arborist Mississauga wanting to pass the time will want not. The number of attractions and the scope of activity in this water-dotted and very green spot will cater to every taste and whim…and seduce any personality, no matter how demanding.

Mississauga: Sports/Culture

Name any sport, Mississauga’s got it. Are you anxious to duplicate your golf experience in Scotland? Try BraeBen Golf Course. It isn’t Scotland, but it will probably feel like it. Other golf courses are designed in terms of skill level, and these courses are public and private. If you prefer boating, hiking, cycling, or running, the harbors and marinas – like the popular Lakefront Promenade Marina – will guarantee a return visit. The waterfront is the place to be and to be seen.

A writer once said that Mississauga is probably culturally deprived given its proximity to Toronto where residents and visitors can satisfy their art and music cravings. This statement about the city being culturally bereft will find little support. It certainly can stand on its own where museums, galleries and other artistic hang-outs are prevalent.


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