Playing Golf Year Around – Owning Property in Turkey

People have all sorts of demands when they are deciding on where to retire: warm weather, beach access, closeness to the grandchildren, good doctors, low cost living. But, increasingly, the golf facilities are at the top of the list. People or have a passion for golf, or detest the sport wholeheartedly, but for those that love it, it is a consuming passion. Owning a property within a golf club is an ultimate dream, walking distance close second best. But, membership in good golf clubs is not cheap, so people are looking further afield for their retirement dream location. Turkey is being in the news often enough to flare up the interest in buying property in Turkey for the golfing opportunities, other things coming as a bonus.

Belek, Antalya

This region has become a part of all top golf holiday destination plans, a place of some great golf tournaments, where you can bump into some golfing legends. There are nine international class golf courses, a range of luxury and economy hotels and resorts to cater to everyone’s needs. One of the most famous golf courses is TAT, backed up by snow-peaked Taurus mountains, with some of the holes running along the beach. The International golf course provides a combination of sand dunes, river banks and lakes. All the golf courses enjoy constant light breeze during the hot summer days.

Sarigerme, Ortaca

This charming little village is experiencing a boom in development, since the Turkish government decided to promote the region for international tourism. The efforts include building of three marinas and ten golf courses. Together with the Worldwide Hilton Golf Resort & Spa, which opened in 2009 in Dalaman, this region is opening its doors to international golf enthusiasts, for a short or long visit. There are numerous developments offering spectacular land, villas or apartments for rent or sale. Owning a property in Turkey will certainly bring you closer to your dream golf course, year around.

Living On A Golf Course   property turkey

Developers all over the world are taking advantage of the golf craze and offering property for sale in the middle of the golf course, or at least close enough to get occasional ball through your window. Turkish developers are no different, so The Royal Links are planned to be completed in July 2010. This development will have 18 luxury villas and two blocks of apartments.

There is an added advantage of owning a property in turkey close to the golf course – it can easily be rented when the owners are not in residence. Golf holidays are very popular and properties linked to the well established modern golf courses reach top prices.

Fortunately for wives of passionate golfers who do not share their husband’s love for golf, there is a lot to do in Turkey beside golfing. The country is located literally between two continents, has been the center of culture, history, philosophy and several major religions for thousands of years. The nature of Turkey is dramatic, ranging from snow-topped mountains to magnificent sandy beaches. Whether you like golf or not, owning a property in Turkey will allow you a quality of life you would not be able to find anywhere else.



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