Television Shows That Can Be Watched More Than Once

While a lot of episodes of television shows can only be watched once, there are number of shows that retain their brilliance and humor throughout repeat viewing. The following list contains some television shows that I cannot get enough of, even if I have seen the episodes before.

There is a reason The Simpsons has been churning out new episodes for over two decades. No one gets tired of this show. Regardless of who your favorite character is, The Simpsons has something for everyone.

Almost everyone I know has Seinfeld on his or her DVR list. The “show about nothing” continues to make audiences laugh day in and day out, even if we have seen each episode 10 times by now.

Another great show that remains incredibly suspenseful, regardless of if you have seen it, is Dexter. Maybe its the premise of the show, but repeats of this show get my heart pumping like I am viewing it for the first time.

When I was living in the fraternity house, we would watch old episodes of The Price Is Right during lunch.homeland project free tv  I cannot explain why, but for some reason this show is incredibly entertaining to watch now.

While it is only starting its third season, HBO’s True Blood is truly addicting. This is the type of show that you need to watch each episode at least twice in order to catch all the details.

Another show that retains its value after multiple viewings is Most Extreme Elimination challenge. Something about watching people foolishly get hurt in order to win small amounts of money just does not lose its humor over time.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is another great show to throw on the DVR rotation, as it is short and sweet. Each episode has no bearing on the one before it, and they are all hilarious.


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