The Difference Between Bolts And Screws

Without any doubt, an industry cannot survive without industrial fasteners such as nuts, bolts, screws, etc. These are the basic tools, which are most probably used in any kind of machinery and plants in a daily life. These are designed to perform various applications, which help to distinguish between them. You can buy any of industrial fasteners from your nearest Bolt Manufacturers, who offer a wide collection of bolts, nuts, screws and other fastener products at a competitive market price.

However, the term bolts and screws confused a person.  pan head screw This contrast between both the fasteners will help you to choose the right product of your choice, so, you should understand it properly to make a wise purchasing decision. These are the same kind of fasteners, but by definition both are different. Still confused? Don’t be, here in this article we will let you understand how you can distinguish between the both. For this, you just need to scroll down and it will put you out of the biggest dilemma you are facing at the time of identifying them.

Threading: Basically, a screw is a fastener, which has a thread around the complete length of the apparatus. On the other hand, a bolt is one, which has a flat shaft and threaded end.

Fastening Application: One of the simplest ways, to differentiate between the both is by checking the fastening material they are used in. It’s because a bolt is most probably used in stationary for tightening purposes. On the other side, screws are because of thread head most probably used in construction material.

Parallel Section: A bolt usually has a parallel section and comes up with a hexagonal and square head. On the other side, a screw has no parallel section and this is mainly coming up with round, hexagonal and rarely square head.

All above points will clear your doubts between the both, and now you can easily differentiate between bolts and screws. Apart from the other, a major difference between the both is the use of nut. A bolt can be used with or without nut in any of its applications, but screws don’t use a nut and it can be easily screwed into the hole. You can pick the one as per your application need without confusing. So, what are you waiting for? Now you are out of your dilemma, so, go and buy it now as per your application needs.