Theatomization technology behind the electronic cigarette company

When it comes to the e-cigarette market, its popularity in recentyears should be obvious to all. Take RELX as an example, a few years ago, it entered the field of vision of many people with its colorful taste and appearance, setting off a trend. From the first sale in 2018 to today, they
have become the leading manufacturer of electronic atomization equipment in China. Of course, some people who don’t understand will question that their success is inseparable frommarketing, but product quality is the most important thing. Otherwise, no
matter how good the advertising method is, the brand will inevitably “fall from the altar”.

Most of Relx’s products are equipped with ceramic cores provided byFEELM. FEELM is a high-quality pod system solution, based on the world’s leading ceramic coil heating technology, combined with flavor reproduction technology and innovative electronic technology, FEELM has brought the ultimate experience and high-quality vaping to vapers in far more than 50 countries
experience. FEELM is also a high-end technology brand under SMOORE International. As early as 2016, SMOORE developed the black pottery film-coated atomizing core. The product FEELM ceramic core was launched in 2018. With the cooperation with SMOORE, RELX has become the first domestic brand equipped with FEELM ceramic core, and it has been used until now. FEELM ceramic core is undoubtedly the core component of atomization.The advantages of FEELM ceramic core are believed to be obvious to many people in the industry.

The atomization efficiency is high, the heating is fast and sufficient, the atomization core made of porous ceramic material is efficient and fast in conducting and locking the liquid, which makes the atomization ability of the FEELM ceramic core stronger, and there will be no dry burning phenomenon, core burning phenomenon, And there is no burnt smell, so the product of this core has already defeated many peers in terms of taste. It can be said that in this respect, they have more favorable capital in market competition, and they are very foresighted. Relying on its own scientific and technological strength, SMOORE quickly opened up the market andmade ceramic cores the mainstream of the industry.

As the atomizer foundry behind most well-known brands, SMOOREinsists that every industry has a deeper research field. Rough raw materials are easy to collect, but it is a very long process to carry out their precise synthesis and application. In the process, we have settled down to innovate and research on the professional road, and the atomizationtechnology will continue to upgrade and iterate to become more possible.Looking forward to more success of atomization in the fields of electronic cigarettes and medical treatment.