Three Places to Find Babe Ruth Cards

The evolution of the internet has truly leveled the playing field and made it considerably easier to locate and purchase vintage baseball cards. Fifteen years Babe168 ago, collectors were generally limited to hitting large baseball card dealers (which were only available in big cities), card shows, live auction houses, and garage sales. Searching for a specific card was obviously a long and drawn-out effort. A collector could spend years searching for any of the four 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards, and would be forced to settle for whatever was available.

Today, the market has opened up and prices have evened out considerably. For the first time in a couple of decades, rare Babe Ruth cards are within reach of everyday collectors. Other than the major auction sites (e.g. Amazon and eBay), where can a collector look for vintage Babe Ruth cards? Here are a few places to start.

1. Major Auction Sites – much as they were 15 years ago, major auction houses are still a key Babe168 RTP force in the vintage baseball card market. Heritage, SCP, Mastro, and Robert Edward are the big names in the rare sports memorabilia market. When a highly valuable Babe Ruth card, such as the 1914 Baltimore Sun card, is available for sale, one of these auction services will probably facilitate the sale.

2. Specialty Websites – some sites do offer a very targeted set of cards for collectors. A collector searching for Babe Ruth cards can quickly find and purchase a very specific card. In addition, these sites often offer collectors additional details about a card or set. Looking for a 1929 Kashin Ruth? You can not only buy the card you are looking for, but see what it looks like and learn more about the set. Many of these sites scour the internet for the specific type of card, giving collectors a simple website to find what they are looking for.

3. Baseball Card Shows – baseball card shows continue to be a great place to find Babe Ruth Cards. Card shows are held all over North America every weekend, allowing collectors to interact with dozens of dealers and other experts. Baseball card shows are also a super place to find deep discounts on rare cards. Dealers arrive at these shows intending to make deals and build a client base. Collectors can use this environment to their advantage. Several websites carry listings for card shows in your area.

Adding Babe Ruth cards to your collection is easier than ever before. Prices are as low as they have been in years and collectors are buying them up. Knowing where to find these old baseball cards is the hard part. Picking and choosing the perfect card is the fun part. Enjoy!


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