Tips on Choosing Hunter Talents

The hunter is one of the best classes in World of Warcraft to level up quickly. Specializing your hunter talents in any of the three trees will help you level your character more quickly. As you get into raiding and top level player versus player, there isn’t as much freedom in your build.

Beast Mastery focuses on making the hunter’s pet more powerful. Although all talent trees are good for leveling, BM is considered the best specialization for leveling very quickly. In fact, early specialization in this tree has been called ‘easy mode’ with the right pet. Obviously, specializing in this talent tree makes a hunter more dependent on his or her pet for success, which can be risky.

As of patch 3.2. 2, BM is not considered to be a great specialization for end-game raiding or player versus player. Even an optimally built, excellently equipped beast mastery Hunter is currently going to fall behind Marksmanship and Survival specialized Hunters.

In the Marksmanship talent tree, putting at least fourteen points into talents like Careful Aim, Lethal and Mortal Shots, and Go For the Throat are necessary for any specialization. These talents, like the rest of the tree, will improve your ranged attacks. Going farther into this tree is popular as a very high burst damage specialization in raids and PVP.