Top Five Ways to Kiss: Kisses You’ll Love

Looking for the best ways to kiss? Tired of the same old routine, and looking for a change? Can you really make the most of a relationship just by learning more about kissing? Here are some tips for enjoying the best kisses, and for making your kisses worth waiting for – you’re sure to love everything about kissing once you’ve learned how to make the most of it.

Kiss #1: The Passionate Kiss

What more could anyone want, than passionate kisses? Of all the ways to kiss, this can be the most powerful and most meaningful. Here are some tips for the most passionate kisses anyone can imagine.

• Think About It – Think about the kiss you’re about to engage in, while you’re looking at your lover. If you’re in a public place where you can’t get the kind of kiss you’re thinking about, think about it anyway! Try to get your partner to read your mind, and you’re sure to get a good reaction.

• Make it Last – Anticipation is a great kissing tool – start off slowly, and make the kissing last. Blend small kisses with longer ones, and be sure to stop periodically to make eye contact and murmur sweet nothings with your partner.

• Make it Meaningful – Talk as you take little breaks from kissing. Tell your lover how much he or she means to you, how happy you are with him or her, and how much you’re looking forward to even more kissing.

Kiss #2: Movie Star Kisses

Get together with your significant 918kiss other, and a stack of movies. Even the most action-packed movies can be full of different ways to kiss. See if you can kiss like movie stars, and practice making your kisses camera worthy!

Public displays of affection will take on a whole new meaning after this – save the best, most appealing kisses for times other people are watching, and you’re sure to get extra fun from it – even if it’s just something to laugh about later!

Kiss #3: Wrestling Match

One of the most fun ways to kiss is to engage in a wrestling match. Find a soft place to attack your lover, and start tickling, kissing, and wrestling. Be careful not to hurt each other, and you’re sure to end up out of breath, and enjoying yourselves more than ever!

Kiss #4: Kissing Coupons

One of the most fun ways to kiss is to think up different places to go, things to do, and fun ways to enjoy time together. Make a coupon book with different details, and list all the different ways to kiss you’re thinking of.

Let your partner trade in a coupon for kisses and other treats anytime he or she wants to.

Kiss#5: Kiss and Make Up!

Of all the ways to kiss, kissing and making up after an argument has to be tops. If you’ve ever heard the old phrase “never go to sleep mad” it’s absolutely true. If you’ve argued with the one you love most, be the better person. Stop fighting, apologize deeply, tell your lover how much
he or she means to you, and start kissing.