Ultrasound Tables Allowing Patients to Remain Comfortable During Procedures

Ultrasound imaging, also called sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. These non-invasive, radiation-free images, or pictures, give physicians and surgeons an accurate picture of both normal and disease processes in real-time, and can show the movement of internal organs and blood flow throughout the body.

Conventional ultrasound images are Powdercoating displayed as thin, flat sections of the body. Newer ultrasound techniques can deliver three-dimensional images and even images in motion.

Originally developed as part of submarine defense systems, ultrasound now serves the medical community by delivering enhanced, three-dimensional, real-time images of such marvels as a baby inside the womb, or the blood flow through a human heart.

All this is made possible by ultrasound exam tables, which range from a multi-segmented, multi-specialty exam table with wedge sections, electric positioning options, electric height adjustment, drop-away foot panel, hidden stirrups and locking casters, to luxuriously cushioned tables with multiple positioning options and an ergonomic design that provides unrestricted access to the table’s head.

All  feature superior, heavy-duty welded frames and carefully engineered weight displacement for patient safety. Optional finishes like powdercoating or polyurethane add years of wear and a hygienic surface for cleaning. Power lifts and convenient hand, foot or remote control devices make the tables fully maneuverable, and optional specialty armboards and footboards expand their range for vascular or pediatric procedures.

These superbly comfortable yet fully functional tables make it easier to perform sonograms, while providing a pleasing appearance and soothing surface for anxious patients.